About Allan

Art and Design was instilled in me at the age of 5 when I was enrolled at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy in San Diego, CA. Exposure to paint, chalk, music and of course the apple IIe made me love technology and art and how the two go hand in hand in today’s world .  The seed of design continued to grow, and fully blossomed when I attended Platt College of San Diego where I obtained my Associates in Graphic Design and my Bachelors in Digital Media. The importance of typography and color theory in design opened my eyes to a new world and possibility. Understanding of constant changing trends has always kept me researching different artistic methods and techniques. My experience as a professional graphic designer has landed me in a variety of  eclectic industries from Churches to Tobacco, to real estate to publishing, and just about everything in between. I love this profession due the constant changing environment, and there are always new aspects to every project.

Living in San Diego practically all of my life has given me an appreciation of the outdoors, I constantly go mountain biking in the back country. Fishing is great with friends and family during warm summer nights. If this is starting to sound like a plug for the San Diego tourism board well… I just love San Diego, I can’t think of any place in the world where you could go surfing, snowboarding, off roading in the dessert all in the same day.